Stunningly Beautiful Mixed Media Depictions of Distinctive Historical Regalia, Clothing, Costumes and Raiment

Mixed Media & Paintings by Anne Abendroth


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Mixed Media Art, by Anne Abendroth

Anne Abendroth's woven creations are Mixed Media pieces of non-wearable clothing depicting many exciting and visually vibrant eras that include many ancient peoples and their actual and/or Anne's imaged raiment . . . 

Anne Abendroth’s uniquely stunning works of art have been shown in galleries around the United States and in various juried exhibits. Extremely well-received from Beverly Hills to Manhattan, Anne's artistic creations are recognized by the discriminating art-buying public as superbly desirable works of art for home or office.

These magnificent works of art are an excitingly attractive addition to any decor setting. They add a special elegant quality of adornment to Craftsmen or Western-style homes and offices already displaying a collection of fine crafts. In contemporary design settings, these dramatic pieces of art stand out with prominence, adding breath-taking colors and textures, as well as warmth to any interior design.

Anne's “costumes” are attached to canvas and have a protective layer of varnish to add to their life, but still can feel slightly soft to the touch.  Anne uses only quality materials that will give the owner many years of enjoyment.

The award-winning works by Anne Abendroth are her loom-woven creations that are “people-sized”. Anne's woven art appear to be real garments or costumes, but are actually non-wearable art. These hand loomed Mixed Media pieces are attached to canvas on stretcher bars. The background canvas is painted, and sometimes on the woven surface itself. This integration of Mixed Media weaving with contemporary acrylic painting is intriguingly artistic and innovative.

Anne’s work can be purchased during her gallery shows and exhibits, or through her own studio. Feel free to contact Anne personally to discuss this new approach to mixed media and answer any questions you might have. Anne’s exclusively novel style of art can be an exciting addition to your decor and art collection


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