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Handwoven Cloth, Canvas & Paint
The hand-woven non-wearable garments as soft 'costumes' or regalia are sewn onto canvas on stretcher bars, and the background canvas, and sometimes the woven surfaces are painted.  This mix of contemporary acrylic painting is a new approach to woven artworks.




In 1000 A.D., The Vikings (also known as the Northmen) of Scandinavia were at their fiercest height. They had conquered most of Europe, traveling up and down the rivers. But they were not only fighters, but then became traders in everything from slaves to merchandise and arms.

This Viking woman was as fierce as her traveling husband. During the summers, when he was off “a Viking”, she managed the homestead. She had to guard against thieves and rogues, who would steal livestock and food while her husband was gone. She was in charge of the animals and planting and harvesting of crops, as well as taking care of her children. This was no mean feat. It took a strong and brave woman.

Our woman’s clothing was usually made of wadmal, a sturdy handwoven and handspun fabric of wool (for warmth) that she made on an upright, warp-weighted loom. Her apron was her Sunday best, made of cotton probably brought home by her husband. Her brooch was special, too, also brought home from faraway places.

Artists Note: The “wadmal” in this case is a wool, hand spun and woven by Margaret Tyler, a well-known San Diego teacher and crafts woman. Thank you, Margaret. I wove the apron of perle cotton in a weave of yellow and blue stars which are a “color and weave” structure with a straight twill threading and treadling. The dark blue background, acrylic painted on canvas, represents the vast skies of northern Europe, and the tiny beads are the many stars and the Milky Way.








48” x 30” x 2”
Handwoven Costume on Stretched Canvas




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