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Handwoven Cloth, Canvas & Paint Art
The hand-woven non-wearable garments as 'costumes' or regalia are sewn onto canvas on stretcher bars, and the background canvas, and sometimes the woven surfaces are painted.  This mix of contemporary acrylic painting is a new approach to woven artworks.

My Newest Series 'Shapeshifting'
A current series of my costumes on canvas I call “Shapeshifting”, which is a concept that comes from ancient times when a shaman would convince his tribe that he/she could change into another being: animal, wind, or even a monster. In our current lives, we, too, shape shift. Sometimes with a conscious effort: marriage, parenthood, different jobs. Sometimes, we are changed without any warning or control: illness, accidents, death. This present series is my response to the death of one of our children. Our lives changed (shifted) and we can never return to our former selves. But this is my way of beginning to accept our loss, and moving on.

"Man / Fire"

In this series of “Shapeshifting”, or shape-changing, the man-shape is swirling around in the painted flames. Is he becoming the burning fire or is the fire becoming a human being? Or is he, like the proverbial burning bush of the Bible, in the fire and not actually being consumed?

We are all tossed around in our lives, sometimes by the good and sometimes by the evil forces. And there are times when we are not sure which is which.

Note from the artist: There are many layers of red acrylic paint in the background, using a palette knife, as opposed to a paint brush. This gives deep textures and shadows. The “costume” has a shadow weave structure, and it, too has many different shades of red and fuchsia, resulting in a deeper color than using just one tone of red.



36” x 36” x 2”
Handwoven Art Costume on Canvas

Kelly James, Photographer - Salem, Oregon
Anne Abendroth - Mixed Media Artist



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 Hand-woven Period Garments on Canvas Art as Decor