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Handwoven Cloth, Costume on Canvas
The hand-woven non-wearable garments as soft 'costumes' or regalia are sewn onto canvas on stretcher bars, and the background canvas, and sometimes the woven surfaces are painted.  This mix of contemporary acrylic painting is a new approach to woven artworks.


"1000 A.D. Japan – Poetess: Women coming out of the Shadows"


From approximately 800 AD to 1200 AD, Japan was first free from their Chinese overlords. China was in one its upheaval periods and could not pay attention to Japan. So the Japanese used this time to refine their language and customs. While their men became poet/statesmen, their women began to slowly emerge out of the shadows. Many changes were still indistinct, but they were slowly reaching for the light. The first recorded novel was written by a woman, the Heian court lady Sei Shonagon. There was development in the ninth century of a handy phonetic script called kana. Since this script could be learned without extensive schooling, it was deemed acceptable for women. Thus Shonagon wrote “the Pillow Book” and Murasaki wrote the “Tale of the Genji.”

My poetess is an elegant lady with her flowing kimono-like dress. It was a richly layered as the costumes of the day were. The ivory-like Asian animals at her neck were hidden only to her suitors. The small, circular pictures of women were partly obscured, but beginning to come forward as they became more literate, or were they?

Note from the Artist: The structure for the weaving of our lady’s dress was partly my own design, and partly from an older structure. I manipulated the design on my computer until it had simple Asian features.





"1000 A.D. Japan – Poetess: Women coming out of the Shadows" DETAIL



48” x 30” x 2”
Handwoven Costume on Canvas




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