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Handwoven Cloth, Canvas & Paint
The hand-woven non-wearable garments as soft 'costumes' or regalia are sewn onto canvas on stretcher bars, and the background canvas, and sometimes the woven surfaces are painted.  This mix of contemporary acrylic painting is a new approach to woven artworks.



When a day comes to an end, there is a time when the world seems to pause, just before the night and darkness. With dusk, the skies are basically dark, with small hints of color and light. The mountains still reflect light at the distant horizon, but are dark in the foreground. Then night arrives and the earth is quiet.

With the light source from the right side, it was fun to paint the lights and shadows. The costume is basically plain weave with a more complicated vertical area in the costume center. There is silver paint on the side panels and the sleeve top. The silver medallion is actually an old can cover, found in the southwest desert. It has a coat of silver acrylic paint, but the rusty spots came through to the surface.





36 X 36 X 2

Handwoven Native Garment on Canvas

Kelly James, Photographer - Salem, Oregon
Anne Abendroth - Mixed Media Artist



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