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Handwoven Cloth, Canvas & Paint
The hand-woven non-wearable garments as soft 'costumes' or regalia are sewn onto canvas on stretcher bars, and the background canvas, and sometimes the woven surfaces are painted.  This mix of contemporary acrylic painting is a new approach to woven artworks.




Persian Warrior # 2 is a slightly built fellow. But no one dares to call him “skinny”. There was once a new recruit who did, and has never been seen since! He is quick with a knife and moves swiftly in a battle and does great harm to the enemy. He, too, is greatly respected by his fellow warriors.

Warrior # 2, and his forefathers, watched the Assyrians rise and fall, then the Medes. Now it is the Persians time under Cyrus the Great and later, Darius. They rebuilt Babylon and their headquarters was in Susa, not a far distance from Babylon. Their blue-green brick buildings were spectacular. The Pergamon Museum in Berlin has replicated these walls and they serve as the inspiration for this series.

Artist’s note: This costume was is woven in a “multiple tabby weave” structure, which I changed. When you look at the fabric from the front, you can see the diamond shapes rising vertically up the fabric. But when the observer stands at an angle to the work, the diamonds rise at a diagonal, moving up a winding path. Sneaky? Like the Persians? Stencils, acrylic paint and sponges make good Persian walls.








40” x 30” x 2”
Handwoven Costume on Stretched Canvas




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